End-of-Year Editing Deal

Hello writing friends,

I am offering an end-of-year deal for my editing services. I edit all types of genre fiction and nonfiction—really, anything that has words or images in it. The deal is as follows:

  • First-time clients get 20% off their first editing job with me (this is a constant discount)
  • If you contract with me before December 31 for a job in 2018, you’ll receive 15% off (if you’re a new client, you’ll receive 20% plus 15% off)
  • If you don’t know the exact work you’ll have ready in 2018, you can sign a preliminary contract. This means you promise to work with me on at least one job in 2018. The preliminary contract holds a spot for you in my editing schedule and saves you the 20% off (if you’re a first-time client) on top of the 15%. If you do not work with me on a project in 2018, you’ll just owe  $15 by the end of the year (this is just to pay for him keeping track of your discount and sending you encouraging emails with memes and writing quotes and other things throughout the year in order to help you finish your writing project).
  • When you sign with me, be sure to tell me who referred you (if you came across this on my website, tell me that and I’ll enter the referral bonus into a raffle for all my clients, including you). I give a 10% discount for each referral who signs with me. The 10% can be used with any other discount.

Be sure to capitalize on this wonderful opportunity! You could earn up to 45% off your editing.

Contact me today to learn about my pricing and services, and see what I can offer you.