My Five Tools to Living My Most Effective Life

I use my twice in the title of this blog post because these are tools that I use for my life. I don’t think they’ll work for everyone, and that’s okay. A lot of the enjoyment and fulfillment that comes from this life is discovering who you are and what helps you succeed. I share these in an effort of communion, and I’d love for you to share five tools with me from your life. I might not implement them into my life, but I’d like to hear about them because your life is important to me.

(Random picture of a puppy because puppies are important to effective living, imho. Photo cred.)

Make Bed Every Morning.

I make my bed. Every. Morning. Why? It helps my bedroom feel like a place of peace and stability. When I look at my made bed, I know that sleep is important and worthwhile. Even though I don’t sleep as much as I should, the time I do spend in sleeping is made even more important by making my bed every morning (it’s a mental thing). My bed becomes a calming focal point in my life.

If my bed is made, I know I’ve accomplished one thing, and that’s worth it.

Reset. Weekly.

On Sunday, I clean my room, my house, and my life. After I tidy up the physical things in my life, I organize my computer. I make my desktop look clean and clear. I put files that I don’t need any more on my external drive. I clear out my Dropbox and decide what projects I will be working on for the week. It’s a moment where I get to rest, relax, and rest.

Utilize white boards.

Currently, I have two white boards in my room. I utilize them for different things at different times. Right now, I have some due dates, project titles, random thoughts, reminders, and quotes written on them. They help me physically manifest what’s happening mentally in my brain.

I’m a fan of the to-do list; it goes up on my white board so anyone who enters my room can see it and so that I can be accountable to my white board.

I named one of them Larry, the other Carl. Might change, but I like them right now.

Think. Write. Repeat.

A lot is happening in my brain. I’m thinking about research I’m doing or creative projects I’m working on. I think about people I need to reach out to or little things I can do to help my roommates. When I have these thoughts, I try to write them down. I use my Notes app on my phone because it’s in my immediate vicinity always (hashtag Millennial problems, anyone?).

When I do my reset on Sundays, I try to go through my Notes app and see what I’ve thought about so I know what I can work on. It doesn’t always work (I have a lot of notes from the week), but sometimes it does.

Challenge Self.

The final thing to living my most effective life (in this list at least) is I challenge myself. I am my greatest rival. When I work on things, I want to do them faster and better than ever before. In this way, I continue to become a better editor and a better writer. For me, constantly improving means I’m living. I’m not stagnant. I keep moving forward.

I’ve shared mine, now it’s time to share yours. Shoot me a message or comment on this post so we can discuss what your five tools for your effective life are.