Other Flowers We Have

Other Flowers We Have
By Adam McLain

Consider the lilies of the field,
They toil not, they spin not.

Yet, other flowers we have,
That are not of that field.

Consider the tulips of the skies,
They lift our souls toward heaven.

Consider the roses of love,
Once hidden, now flowering, opening our hearts.

Consider the daffodils of peace,
Inviting all to envelop themselves in their calm.

Consider the hydrangeas of unity,
Together they flower—together they whither.

Consider the marigolds of light,
They brighten; they protect; they enjoy.

Consider the chrysanthemums of gold,
Wealth they share, freely and flowingly.

Them I must also consider,
And smell their aromas.

One thought on “Other Flowers We Have”

  1. This is beautiful. It brought a peaceful feeling to me following the rough weekend of fear and judgment being preached as the word of God. Thank you.

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