Edited Publications

The following is a list of publications that I have edited. I specialize in independently publishing authors, striving to provide the best service for their needs.

Leading Edge Magazine













For four years, I worked on Leading Edge Magazine, BYU’s science fiction and fantasy magazine. For the first year, I was an acquisitions editor and marketing manager. For the following three years, I was a managing editor, helping to put the entire magazine together from acquisitions to publication.

I edited seven issues of the magazine:

Mikki Helmer

Mikki Helmer (Kells) is an exceptional young adult author who I work with on many projects. The published projects that I’ve worked with her on are in The Ace of Hearts series: book one, The Ace of Hearts, and book two, Black Jack.

Carmen Crowley and Carol Stokes

Carmen Crowley and Carol Stokes are twin authors who write cozy romances that readers can read wrapped up in a blanket near a fire. I edited all four books of the Affairs of the Heart series: A Christmas Holiday Affair: Abby’s StoryA Sporting Affair: Lisa’s StoryAn Accidental Affair: Kimberly’s Story; and An Unexpected Affair: Hannah’s Story.

Tiffinie Helmer

USA Today bestseller Tiffinie Helmer is a wonderful author of romances full of action, strong women, and tact. I edited MooseletoeToplessand the Alaska Wild Nights series.

Kameron Claire

For Kameron Claire, I have edited her debut, independently published Greyson Enterprises series. Book one, Bedding the Boss, releases in November.

The Joseph Smith Papers


From February 2016 to May 2017, I worked as an editorial intern at the Joseph Smith Papers project and the Church Historian’s Press, both publications from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Church Historian’s Press publishes broadly on LDS Church history, while the Joseph Smith Papers project publishes the documents and historical papers related to the life of Joseph Smith, the church’s first prophet.

In this position, I edited footnotes, bibliographies, and online text. I also proofed books (like the ones above) and edited indexes.

The volumes and texts that I worked on are as follows:

Stowaway Magazine

Stowaway Magazine is the editing minor capstone course at BYU. For this course, you spend a semester with fellow editing students writing, editing, and designing an issue of the magazine. I served as managing editor twice for this magazine.

The first time I put together a group of volunteer editing students to produce an issue (Winter 2016) over a summer semester. The second time I earned course credit by working with a group of four students to produce another issue (Spring 2016).

AWE: A Woman’s Experience

For my senior year at Brigham Young University, I volunteered as editor-in-chief for AWE: A Woman’s Experience to produce Volume 4.


From July 2015 to January 2016, I worked as an editorial intern at Familius Publishing, a publishing house focused on providing nonfiction books that encourage family living. For summer 2016, I worked as a marketing and publicity intern for this same publishing house.

I edited and did publicity for the following books: