Published: Night and Day, Chapters One and Two

Going into this semester, I knew it was going to be stressful. I’ve been working over forty hours each week, I’m in four classes that require a lot of in-depth thinking about philosophy and theology, and I was debating on applying to PhD programs to start next year. So, I decided in September that I needed a creative outlet, and that creative outlet became a Pokemon fanfiction story about two trainers. So, now that the semester is wrapping up, I’m really excited to announce that chapters one and two of this fanfiction, Night and Day, are published on WattPad today:

Story Description:

In the Evos region, each new trainer is given an eevee to begin their pokemon journey. As the trainers travel through the region, they gather badges that are based off the great gems, usually housed and protected by a local gym. When combined, these gems can summon powerful, legendary, even mythic pokemon for trainers to behold, battle, and befriend. But numerous teams of nefarious trainers are attempting to call forth these pokemon for their own greed and gain.

Chance is a trainer attempting to make it to the Evos League and challenge the League Leader. As he investigates his fourth gym, the haunted mansion on the hill, he comes across a greater goal than battling in the League: stopping Team Eclipse before they can use the gems they’ve stolen to summon a powerful pokemon. As he attempts to stop them, Chance runs across Tyler again, his one-time companion and the boy he’s still in love with. As the two attempt to stop Team Eclipse, frustrations and passions run high as both must come to terms with what the other means to him. Night and Day is the gay love story I always wanted to see in the pokemon universe, and now it’s here for you to read and enjoy. 

I’ll be uploading further chapters throughout the next few weeks. Follow my blog with the email subscription on the left or follow my WattPad account. Here’s the link to the story:

Hope you enjoy it! It’s been really fun to have a no-strings-attached creative outlet 🙂

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