Queer Spirituality, A Podcast

Coming later this year . . . Queer Spirituality, a podcast.

Queer Spirituality is a weekly podcast that I will be doing as a personal project and as part of my master’s degree. It is an ethnographic investigation into how people straddle the world of sexuality and spirituality, queerness and religion. With so much rhetoric around and so many lives affected by the seemingly clashing worlds of “queer lifestyle” and “pious believer,” I am doing a long series of interviews that focuses on the lived experience. How does gender and sexuality queerness affect people’s belief in God? How does interaction with the queer community change performance within a religious community? Why does religion negatively affect some queer people, and how does religion positively affect others?

For the sake of this podcast, I define queer and spirituality in the broadest sense in order to try to encompass all possible lived experiences. By queer, I mean anyone who is LGBT+, anyone who is an LGBT+ ally, and anyone who has felt a profound impact from the queer community on their spirituality and religious performance. By spirituality, I mean anything that takes you out of the mundane and into a state of transcendence, a sacredness. I want to interview anyone from the strongest atheist to the most devout disciple.

If you would like to be interviewed or if you know anyone who wants to be interviewed, please contact me! I can do interviews through Google Hangouts, phone call, Skype, in person (depending on where you are), etc.